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What we do


We specialize in the grading, processing and recycling of used clothing, shoes, bags, belts, household rummage etc. These sorted garments are compressed into bales of 50 kg and exported. Unsorted second-hand clothes can be compressed into bales of 500 to 1000 kg.

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Quality Control

We provide excellent quality control measures when grading our products. Laropa Textiles specialises in a very high quality Grade A products. Our Grade A consists of many branded items and you will not find any damaged or dirty items in our bales.

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We manufacture bales with high compression machines. We can provide goods loose in sacks or in bales of 45kg, 55kg up to 100kg and we utility space by compressing bales. Please let us know about your requirements and we will try our utmost to ensure we meet your demands.

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Exporting of Used Clothing & for getting more information...